Flying Blanket is a 2-studio professional recording facility in Mesa, Arizona, and the home base of producer/engineer/musician Bob Hoag.  

For almost 20 years, Flying Blanket has served artists from Arizona and all over the world.

Located in a historic 1947 house near downtown Mesa which had previously been converted into law offices, the interior of the building was completely redesigned to be a world-class recording studio (retaining as many original details as were left from the previous renovation). 

We specialize in analog recording and mixing, but both our A Room and our B Room are equipped with Pro Tools as well, and we often use them together to get the best of both worlds.

With a large selection of outboard gear and an even larger selection of guitars, basses, drums, and amps (as well as a ton of other random stuff), we can pretty much do, you know, whatever.  Check out our gear page to see what we have right now. 


Studio B is available for outside rental, so if you’re a freelance engineer or producer looking for a place to cut your record, drop us a line. 

While Studio A is typically occupied by Bob, we do sometimes rent it out to others, so feel free to inquire.

The studio also boasts a guest house with kitchen, laundry, shower, and bathroom, so out-of-town bands never need to find a place to stay (and sometimes local bands just find it easier to focus if they camp out for a while). 

Bob is an avid collector with fairly diverse interests, so you’ll find plenty of interesting artifacts and curiosities spread throughout the studios, as well as a large movie collection to investigate while you’re waiting for your singer to get out of the bathroom.  





Here are some pics from when we were moving in back in 2007.